Auto Restoration

The myriad of car shows in FL are a testament to how much devotion we car enthusiasts pour into our vehicles. However, often times these cars need a little help to make it the extra mile. After all,they've been around the block a time or two, so it only makes sense they might need a some professional TLC to bring out their inner beauty.

Our collision center can take any car, new or old, and provide superior auto restoration so that you can trip out your ride to your heart’s content. With auto customization options such as lifts, personalized high end auto painting and more, you can take an old car and refurbish it to be something new to you. Body kits and fun color choices for your body paint enable you to truly choose the look and feel of your car both inside and out. After all, auto body repair doesn’t just mean recovery from an accident, but comprehensive car care and renovation. If the exterior paint is worn or shows signs of aging let Superior Craftsmen Collision Center help you find an appropriate top coat and color to prevent further degradation and rust, therein helping to increase the longevity of your vehicle. After all, we want you to have a smooth, enjoyable, and stylish ride to enjoy.

For more information about our auto body shop or to schedule an appointment for auto restoration, please call Superior Craftsmen Collision Center in Oakland Park, FL at (954) 993-5786 today!