Automotive Polishing

Perhaps your car doesn’t need full paint work, but just a touch up. Automotive polishing is perfect for those who have a few scratches or imperfections on the car that do no affect the actual body of the car. This form of auto detailing enables you to get that gorgeous smooth look for your car without spending big bucks on a full paint job. However, Superior Craftsmen Collision Center always recommends that you finish up with a professional-grade wax coating to ensure further protection of your car’s color.

Superior Craftsmen Collision Center is proud to be a leader in the Oakland Park, FL when it comes to auto customization. A quick polish can help to bring life and luster back to your vehicle. However, this service typically followings a full auto painting or simply pertains to scratches that have occured from minor damages such as a branches, another car door against yours, or small rocks from the freeway. For intensive repairs that follow auto collision, we recommend full auto painting.

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